Indianapolis stands out as a great American city for many reasons.  One of the things that makes this city so great is all the amazing museums you’ll find here just waiting for you to explore.  Do you love fast cars? Are you an art buff? What about the history of how the west was won?  How about the largest children’s museum in the world? It’s all right here in Indy! Get ready to set out on a journey of discovery in some of the best museums in the nation.  Here’s a few to start you out.

Children's Museum of Indianapolis

The voyage of discovering the natural world begins with our children. You can let your kids dig into the world’s largest children’s museum as they discover 5 floors of history, cultures from around the world, and natural sciences. You can ride the historic carousel or enjoy a theater with children's plays and live entertainment. It’s a place of wonder for kids and adults alike.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

Start your engines and prepare to relive the history of racing over the past century. You don’t even have to love racing to love this experience. You’ll see many of the winning cars throughout racing history along with trophies and awards. And there’s more than just race cars.  A number of important passenger cars from the past are on display as well.  If you love cars at all, this is the place to go.

Indianapolis Museum of Art

Explore great art exhibits from around the world along with beautiful gardens at this one-of-a-kind museum.  Arranged in an encyclopedic format, you can explore contemporary art on the top floor, Asian/African/Oceanic/Mediterranean/Textile Design on the third floor, and the second floor is split between American and European.  You can also learn about how technology expands our knowledge of art and history.